Etsy, the marketplace for unique handmade goods

The marketplace that is exclusively meant for handmade items is now turning into a biggest rival to Amazon. Etsy is known for its unique and wide handicraft collections. There are thousands of artisans who are making tons of money off Etsy. The ecommerce giant Amazon is now putting up a fight against the startup company Etsy by introducing a marketplace for handicrafts. Etsy’s CEO Chad Dickerson is not afraid of Amazon’s take on handicrafts. After all, Amazon makes market revenue 300 times more than Etsy. Amazon and Etsy compete with each other by introducing deals and features to grab attention from the users. Christmas is around the corner and both the companies are trying way too hard to make money off it. New tactics are being introduced everyday in order to hike the sales before the sales end. Etsy like marketplace buysell marketplace script.

But honestly speaking, Etsy is feeling the heat from its contenders. The site has over 20 million buyers and is doing business for the past 10 years in the industry. It makes most of its market revenue through processing fees and reshipping labels. Since Etsy has high quality and unique products that are little pricier, it takes time for the products to be sold out.  Dickerson is not worried about it either and he even encourages the site’s sellers to always the keep the prices higher. Etsy never fails to impress its existing users with the products. Let us hope it does not fall prey to the marketing giant Amazon!

VidMob to be released as an app on iOS

It’s great news to all the VidMob fans out there! It is now available as an app on iOS which allows the users to obtain professional editors to make videos using images and videos. How oddly cool is that? The users can now upload the pictures and videos on the app by importing them from either pc or Dropbox. They can also fetch help from their friends and families with the choice of images. Once they are done with the selection, the users can go through various editors’ profiles on the app. Based on the bids and their works, the users would have an idea regarding the choice of the editors. After submitting their personal galleries to the editors, they will have to wait until the project is over. The editors would finish the tasks in time provided by the users.

The customers would then check the credibility of the videos and they are considered to be completed when the users are satisfied. The payments to the editors can be made through credit cards or Apple Pay.

The app would grab attention from people of all ages and it is a definite money making option for the phenomenal editors out there. Mostly, people use the app to make videos for their loved ones. The android users must wait for some more time to have the app officially available for them. The quality content is what the app promises to offer its users. You do not really have to be concerned about the security when it comes to VidMob.

SeatGeek Launches a Marketplace for Ticket Sales

The SeatGeek Marketplace is the right place, where users need not have to spend a lot of time searching for the right ticket for an event. It is a Marketplace which makes the process of purchasing a ticket simple and cool, where it is not necessary for someone to look at a bunch of tickets and its prices. Recently SeatGeek found a method of two sided ticket selling with the help of Marketplace, which makes it easier for individuals to find, sell and transfer tickets.

How it works??

If the user purchases the tickets through SeatGeek, they can able to transfer it to their friends by means of downloadable PDF formats or they can even sell the tickets, if they are unable to attend the event. By using SeatGeek, direct ticket transfer is possible and there are no charges applicable for transferring or selling tickets to friends or relatives.

Users also have another option of selling tickets publicly in the Marketplace if they need to offload the tickets. Using the technology behind the SeatGeek, sellers will get recommendation on the list of prices to sell the tickets quickly and get the prices for the tickets which they sold. Tickets sold in Marketplace will incur a charge of 15 percent fee to the seller, whereas for buyers it is not necessary to pay additional fees beyond the list price. The idea behind this system is to create a simple mobile ecosystem where people can buy, sell and transfer tickets easily.

Translation Marketplace to gain more global viewers on YouTube

Lately, YouTube, the Google owned video site has been a trend breaking revolution. Even a 9 year old kid is turning into a millionaire because of the site. To be a millionaire, all you got to do is open a valid account on YouTube, upload decently good videos, gain global viewers and you are ready to go. It is as simple as that!   According to a survey, many famous YouTube stars have more viewers from the other countries when compared to their own home countries. And the site has come up with a new feature, translation marketplace to grab more global attention. The creator needs to pay for a language that is familiar to the global viewers through translation marketplace. However, the site allows the creators to add up subtitles or translated descriptions to the videos. But the language translation marketplace does the job more effectively than those descriptions!

The marketplace proved its worth for some of YouTube’s content partners. According to unnamed sources, Vice has doubled the daily watch time of videos when translated in Spanish and Portuguese. The site is looking forward to expand the global audience with this feature. TED, the conference organization lets the site to add translated captions to the videos through marketplace, which has received even more good responses!

Apart from this translation tool, the site has one more tool for the creators to gain more global viewers. Tyler Oakley, a famous gay YouTube star added up captions to his videos because he wanted all his global viewers including hard-of-hearing, to understand his content. Want to be a millionaire? Go for YouTube! You would certainly be one in no matter of time!